My first razor ever

Hello guys!

After 27 years, I finally have to shave my face. I can’t tell how happy am I right now.

It’s funny, that in the past two weeks my hair growth faster than usually in 2 months. I already visited my doctor and after the check-up he said, that I have no hormonal problem that could posibly cause this kind of strange growth.

Nevermind I’m now a real man. I bagged so much to have at least a small beard or mustage, and now I got it. On the other hand now I have to learn how to shave, because no matter what, for some specific event I’ll have shave and even if not, I have to take care of my newly growth beard.

Since I didn’t need it before I don’t know how to handle this situation – my father didn’t teach me how to shave my face. So, now, here I am, as a 27 years old guy and I ask advises about how to shave on the internet….amazing.

I already did a research about how to choose after-shave lotion, but I still need an instruction and most importantly a razor. I thought I’ll buy an electric shaver, which looks much reliable than the manual shavers. Furthermore lot of my colleague complained about their non-electric razor. Is that true, that they are much better?

So, guys, please help me to find my first tool to shave. I found electric razor reviews, among other for example on Off With My Hair but I have several question and a huge need for a solid advice. From these reviews I think some mid-range Braun razor would be perfect. But what do you think? Any previous experience that you would like to share? I’m interested in every connecting topic, since it’s a whole new world to me.

Thank you in advance!