Eco-friendly flat with a tankless water heater

Hello everybody!

I’m moving to my very first apartment. This is the first, where I could live alone. It’s going to be awesome. I’m not saying that I had problems with my flatmates, but now, I’m old and independent enough to want some private space. The flat I bought was one of the cheaper one, although I had to renovate some part of it, what costed nearly as much as the flat itself.

I want to create an eco-friendly and cost-efficient apartment. To do this I had to change the windows and the doors in the first place. That wasn’t a cheap round, but now, if everything goes as I planned, the heating bill would be 25% of the previous.

Furthermore, I changed some of my furniture which I owned to save more space – there is not too much free place inside. I sold my bed and bought a smaller (but more comfortable) and bought a smaller desk, which I use for working. Last, I bought a new TV, a flat and beautiful LCD TV from LG.

Now I’m in the project to change the whole heating system, because I want to save money on it as well. The previous owner installed a boiler and it was perfect for him, but not for me.

Gas tankless water ehater parts

I want a tankless water heater, which could fulfil my needs and which would spare me some money. Unfortunately, I have no experience in buying any water heater. This is why I would like to ask for your help.

I searched on the internet for some tankless water heater reviews. Here is the best which I could find during my research: On this site I found a very good electric powered product, from the brand “EcoSmart”. It’s affordable, and if the reviews are right, that is one of the best.

What do you think about it? Would you advise me to buy it? I really want to buy a high-quality product, which could serve me for several years.

Thank you in advance.